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Hello and welcome to The Stewart Group online. The Stewart Group has been providing executive, professional, and technical search services since 1988. We specialize in search and recruitment in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, managed care, healthcare, hospital executives, medical, contract research organizations, industrial management and manufacturing, and marketing and communications. Our search capabilities extend locally, nationally and internationally.

At The Stewart Group, emphasis is placed on meeting your specific recruitment needs. We carefully screen potential candidates to select and present only those candidates with a combination of professional and personal qualifications that will be successful as your employee.


The Stewart Search Group is committed to meeting and exceeding our client's needs throughout the search process. We demonstrate excellence, innovation and personalized service. We are committed to respectful and confidential relationships with our clients and candidates.

A key strength of The Stewart Group is the expertise our search consultants offer. Our team has extensive experience in operations, project management, marketing, sales, human resources, organizational development, and training within: pharmaceuticals, managed care, medical, clinical research organizations, healthcare, information technology, telecommunications, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and marketing, among other areas.


The Stewart Group capabilities include Executive, Professional, Technical and Sales Searches and Career Transition Strategies.

We are affiliated with a nationwide network of more than 350 search firms globally, offering direct links to every major city in the USA and the world. This assists us in identifying several qualified candidates in a relatively short time frame.
We understand the importance of service in all that we do. Because of our service orientation, our clients experience high levels of satisfaction with our work.